Leaking Spa Repairs

Hot Tub and Spa Leak Repairs

We can fix any issue where the spa is leaking or not circulating. We specialize in repairing cracks in the acrylic surface and finding hard to find leaks.

Leaks in your hot tub can be caused in a variety of ways. It could be as simple as an O-Ring or as complex as a small leak in the plumbing system.

Before calling you should determine if it is a leak or if it is evaporation. You can place a bucket of water next the spa and mark the water level of the spa and the hot tub. Check it in 24 hours and if the water has dropped below the tape by equal amounts it is most likely evaporation. You should also ensure that your pump does not come on when the water level is too low to draw water. If there is no water running through the pump it will overheat.

For real leaks I can find them and fix them. If a crack in the acrylic is causing the leak I can repair and blend the colors so that the repair is not readily noticeable. Plumbing and Light fixtures are also susceptible to leaking.

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We can do just about any Spa Repair Service Needed

Some of the more common spa repairs we do include circuit boards, topside controls, heater elements, control boxes, trouble shooting, leaks, pumps/motors, jets, spa covers and acrylic repair. To schedule a prompt appointment: